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Vigrx Plus is Amazing

We all now that male supplements can make a huge difference in how you feel and perform. One of the most popular male supplements in recent years has to be Vigrx Plus. That little potbelly, I actually took pictures. I’m like, “This is my favorite part.” And when women come in to my practice because I see all of my women at about six weeks postpartum, I love that little postpartum when the uterus is still like a little bit big. And I just think it’s so cute. And it’s so cute. And it’s something to really own. But yeah, yeah, it brings up an interesting point that in our society we don’t get to see that image of what a mom’s real body looks like. There are some organizations I think doing a great job in trying to put that out there, but never forget the power of Photoshop. Photoshop is so powerful. If I could just walk around with someone following me with Photoshop all the time, like I’d look fabulous. But that’s just not reality. And so if you’re worried about Beyonce, go Google the pictures of Beyoncé unphotoshopped. I think it was Revlon. That was really an eye opening for me. Where I was like, “Whoa! That’s totally different than the Beyonce I know.” She’s totally fabulous with male supplements. Learn more at

Yeah, it’s good to be realistic. Like yeah, some people are going to some extremes for their brand that aren’t really accessible or a good idea for the average mom like you and me and people listening. So you’re beautiful the way you are, pooch and all. So I’m so glad we got to spend some time like living up on this postpartum period. Like you said, the moms often get ignored for the cute, cute baby. So I’m glad we got to talk about aphrodisiacs. Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Brighten. Yeah, thanks for having me.No. It’s just one thing could be. Learn more at and

But I think you’re driving a good point home. It’s like, “Yeah, you’re going to be tired and life will be different. But if something seems really stubborn or overwhelming, that’s probably something that you need to address.” Can we say that? Yes. Absolutely. It’s what I call like the “mom intuition.” Moms get really clued in with their babies. And they can even be hypervigilant about like if something’s off, a mom knows it. And so if a mom brings me a child and they say, “Something’s not right,” I really respect that. But the same thing is true about themselves. They just usually forget to think about themselves as much as they should. But if internally you feel like something is not right, you’re probably right.And it’s much like when you leave a message. You’re going to feel stressed way more. And it’s going to feel like every little thing start setting you off. So let’s let that motivate us. You will be a happier better mother if you care for yourself when you eat and we won’t get gut dysfunction and all that.


X4 Labs and Vigrx

At least not as much as I would like it to be yet. For another, I myself have grown to keep a very critical mind (or not “too open until my br ain falls out ”) every time a topic steers towards themes that sound alternative or “New Age”. But given the increasingly rigorous scientific research on the subject of “ Selfless Love” and its Kineseological effect on bodily function – especially when it comes to athletics, of which performance in the bedroom can justly be considered an example – I felt that it was only too fair that I bring your attention to this final topic before closing with Vigrx Plus or X4 Labs. Learn more at  and
Male Supplements are proven to work just like jelqing and extenders. It is my sincere wish that you keep an op en mind to what I am about to talk about here. Kinesiological tests done on athletes have proven that – all other factors such as training and nutrition levels being equal – there is a marked increase in endurance and muscular power when their physical performances are accompanied by “nobler” emotions like love for country, for honor, for the sport itself, for their families and loved ones; essentially any love and desire motivated by selfless pursuit of something bigger than themselves. Learn more at
On the other hand, tests have also shown that every time said athletes’ performances were combined with the desire for attaining riches and fame for themselves, personal glory, ego and so on – essentially selfishly oriented motivations – that their muscular strength and endurance showed a marked decrease ! Perhaps this becomes less of a mystery when one observes the effects words associated with strong emotions have on water crystals (bearing in mind that the human body is 70% water). 
Dr. Masaru Emoto pioneered this fie ld of study with a marvelous outline of the effect of certain words – or more appropriately, of thoughts associated with said w ords – have on distilled water. For instance, distilled water exposed to angsty, harsh music exhibit a chaotic orientation of w ter crystals, where as distilled water exposed to soothing classical music exhibit crystals that are symmetrically in harmony and beautifully structured. As well, water exposed to words like “gratitude” and “love” exhibits crystalline structures that are comparable in beauty and harmonious formation to water obtained from clea r mountain springs and streams. Similarly, crystals of polluted or stagnant water show the same deform and distortion as the crystals of water subjected to words such as “hate” or other negative words and ideas. The example below is one of many you could simply Google out to find out on your own: There you have it. Everything you could possibly need to rev up your internal “sex drive”, your potency, your energy, your muscular strength and your penis size to over – drive… and FAST! There are other benefits of faithfully following everything outlined in this report that are AT LEAST just as amazing, if not more. And therein lies the TRUE “ bonus ” of following everything I have told you to a “T”. I am not going to divulge those “surprise” benefits to you here.


taking Vigrx pills all day

“Well, I’ll be taking Vigrx pills all day!” Yes! Tough. Too bad. The standard is not perfection. The standard is the alternative. Is it worth it? I worked with a lady who was very seriously alcoholic. Her husband was a surgeon. And he was doing quite well. So he could, and did, afford to send her to pretty much every alcoholism treatment facility in the c ountry. And some of these are very, very well – known and expensive, and really celebrity institutions practically. Well she went to all of them and did not have success. Nothing, and I mean nothing had stopped this lady from drinking. So I met with her and her husband. A very nice woman. She was around 50. Learn more at and
You’d be surprised how many heavy drinkers and alcoholics are of retirement age. In fact there was a newsletter put out by New York state about 20 years ago on alcoholism and substance abuse that mentioned that 2/3 of elderly hospital admissions are in some way related to alcohol consumption. Two out of three elderly hospital admissions, the state of New York said, were related to alcohol use, heavy alcohol use. When we think of heavy alcohol us e, we think of under age drinking, we think of college fraternities. We think of yuppies and the jet set, and all those that can afford and have the lifestyle of going clubbing and all that. Check out more at 
But, the fact is the problem is far bigger in people of retirement age than it is even among young people. And it’s a big problem among young people. I taught in two state prisons. No, not as an inmate. But I taught in two New York State penitentiaries. One was a medium security men’s facility, a large facility. And the other was a maximum security women’s facility. Not as big, but every bit as grim. You would be surprised how many of my captive audience were in for repeated DWI. I was surprised. I expected the minor crimes, the robbery and things like that. I expected the drug arrests. But I was surprised at how many were in for repeated DWI. And a lot of these were very polite well brought – up young men and women and they were still in the prison garb and they were still behind bars. It makes you think. (20:06) Now the other thing I mentioned about Dr. Williams’ protocol was l – glutamine. L – glutamine is an amino acid. It is non – prescription. The B – complex vitamins are non – prescription. And L – glutamine is cheap, really cheap. Dr. Williams talks about this in his books. He has a number of books that you should look at. And you also should take a look at Dr. Hoffer’s and my book the Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism because that summarizes it. This is a very simple protocol. Remember the lady, the wife o f the surgeon? She started taking B – complex vitamins seven times a day, and around 3,000 milligrams a day of l – glutamine. And she was off ‘the sauce’ in less than two weeks. 


Disadvantage with the male supplements

Disadvantage with the male supplements is they tend to run warm. Because they are actually chewing the vegetables, there is a lot of friction. And this is true of the centrifugal one as well, but it is more pronounced with the masticating juicer because the vegetable is in contact with the blades for a longer period of time. I get around this by refrigerating my produce, which you would do anyway with Vigrx Plus.  Check out supplements at
And then washing it in cold water in the sink and let it sit in the cold water until I’m ready to brush it. I don’t peel it (unless it’s beets); I brush it with a vegetable brush until I run them through the juicer. I also refrigerate the receptacle that the juicer is going to send the juice down into. There’s usually a bowl or a cup provided wit h the juicer or you are using your own. 
In fact, I go so far as to put it in the freezer the night before. I take the bowl or bowls or cups or receptacles or whatever, including in the glass that I am going to drink the juice out of, and I put all that in the freezer. So now, if the juice is a little warm, it gets chilled as it’s waiting for me to drink it. A small point? I don’t know. It makes it more palatable. And I think cold juice tastes better than warm juice. It will probably be a bit better for you, but mostly it is a matter of taste, than compliance. This stuff isn’t any good unless you’ll drink it. Learn more about supplements at and
You aren’t going to drink it unless you do it. And if you do it once in a while, you’re not going to notice the benefits of the people I work with who lost weight, got rid of rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, irritable bowel syndrome, and psoriasis. You have to do the juicing in a big way. The next kind of juicer is a blender. Now you can use a blender like the lady who pulverized her cabbage and then squeezed it through cheesecloth. She used her blender as the first step in her juicing process. The second step was manually straining it with cheesecloth. There are some juicers that are basically blenders with Vigrx Plus. 
They are very, very powerful blender. The advantage to a blender – type juicer is that you’re not wasting anything. All the fiber is in there. All the nutrients are in there. Nothing is thrown away. That’s good! The disadvantage is you have to drink this stuff. And when you do not extract the pulp, the juice is very, very thick. And it would be like drinking pea soup or drinking baby food. If you don’t mind, then the blender juicer is for you. But if you do mind, or if you have to run this skeptical relatives, family members, or children, I suggest you use a juice extractor rather than a juice blender. The extractor would be the centrifugal or the masticating that gives you a fairly clear juice fraction with most of the pulp removed. Now you could argue that by removing the pulp, you’re taking out all that good fiber. No, you’re not taking out all the good fiber. You’re taking out the insoluble fiber, the “roughage”. In liquid juice, you still have soluble fiber. Yes, liquid juice that you can see through soluble fiber in it. The pulp is the insoluble fiber. Now if you can handle the thick blender prepared juice with all the fiber in it, that is good. But you might find that it has a laxative effect, it might be too much fiber.