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Excitement With Pheromones

So much sexual pheromone tension had built up after the weekend of Margo running interference that it crackled between us. After about ten minutes or so, I pulled her in for a kiss. That turned passionate quickly and soon clothes were coming off and thrown around the room. Within a half an hour of her arrival, we were both naked and having sex pheromones released.

It was good sex, of the sweetly incompetent variety. She was inexperienced but enthusiastic and eager to learn and please. I’ll take that any day over the modern porn star sex where the girl is an empty and aggressive caricature of a sexual partner. She was so sweet and it was all very romantic. Afterward while we laid there talking, she admitted to me that I was only the fourth guy she had ever kissed and only the second she’s had sex with my pheromones. Learn more at and

The first was a ”bad boy” boyfriend and they’d only done it twice. She told me that she was going to be starting university in Australia in September so this was her last summer break before becoming a college student.

We watched episodes of Fawlty Towers on YouTube. Being an Anglophile she quickly took to Basil and Cybil at each other’s necks in the Torquay hotel. We took a break for a shower and more sex, then back to Fawlty Towers.

The pressure was now off, for both of us. I was no longer plotting and scheming back-up plans lest she’d been difficult to fuck. She knew she’d gotten her man and not disappointed in bed. The tension dissipated, replaced by an aura of calm contentment. I was awash with positive just-fucked—a—teenager vibes. Learn more about pheromones at we took a metro into St Michel for some tourism. Adele knew an Indian restaurant near Notre Dame Cathedral. As we were sitting waiting for my chicken korma, I decided to mess with her using my new pheromone signals. I began with a little exposition of body language and the concept of IOIs-—the indicators of interest a girl gives a man when she’s sexually attracted.

”For example?” she asked. I told her of the Pussy Tingle. ”What is it?” she asked, clearly amused.

”When a girl is attracted to a guy, and he says or does something that turns her on, she gets a certain feeling. Girls will typically try to say that it is like ”butterflies” in her belly, when the feeling is really down lower.” Adele grinned and said, ”And how do you know?” I laid on the eye-fuck mesmer stare. My eyes bored into her with predatory menace as I softly and deeply told her how beautiful her eyes were. That they were so dark and deep that I wanted to ”get lost in them” while I wanted to slip my hand between her legs and feel her wetness. This was all delivered in a deep, sexy tone of voice. I moved on to rhapsodise on how full and sexy her lips were. I told her to close her eyes and think about her heartbeat and to feel it as she also felt her core getting warm. She started to squirm, and crossed her legs. Then she laughed heartily when she realized that I had gotten her.


Pheromone Actions

Don ’t we all know someone who live in the emotions of self pity? And don ’ t we instantly know the type of story they tell themselves! The stories you tell yourself become your life, whether they are true, or whether they are fictional. But the challenge is, is your story helping you to experience more love, joy and excitement in your dating or love life, or is your story limiting you from experiencing any of that by sabotaging your own pheromone actions ?
What Is Your Limiting Story? And yes, we all have limiting stories that we tell ourselves on a regular basis. It is perfectly normal, and perfectly ok, but at the same time, you have to realize that sometimes if you want something new in life, you’ll have to change the story that you tell yourself. You can’t have a fulfilling love life when you tell yourself that you don’t deserve it to use sex pheromones.
You can’t have a fulfilling love life when you tell yourself the story that it’s not possible, or maybe it’s only possible in fictional novels and Hollywood movies. You are not going to find yourself a man who is going to treat you rig ht if you tell yourself that there’s no man out there like that, they only exist as characters out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. You see, you’re already telling yourself stories about love, about romance, about men, sex and relationships. (And those stories are going to shape your feelings and experiences in your world) So what is your limiting story? What stories are you telling yourself that are preventing you from experiencing more love and more joy in this world? What we’re going to do is a quick exercise that will help you pin point what your existing pheromone story is right now in your love life, so that we can learn about what has been stopping you from having the love life you really want to use more powerful pheromones. Learn more at  and
Are men all just one dimensional like that? And if you believe that, then what does that say about yourself? By the way, can’t you inspire a man to become more emotional mature? Or are you not enough as a woman to do so? What about “men just want sex, that’s all they ever want!!!” I can promise you right now, that this one is definitely and completely false. But if you tell that story to yourself, then all your life experiences will be filtered by that story and as a result, you’ll experience hurt, rejection and you’ll even sabotage your relationship with a good man. “I can’t be in a relationship because….” Check out pheromones at
No one here is going to judge you for it, not even yourself. So right now I want you to take at LEAST 10 minutes to fill in all 4 sections, be real honest with yourself. We want to get an insight into those stories that you are habitually telling yourself, and once you become aware of them, you are able to shape a new story for yourself. So go and do that exercise right now, and once you’re done, come back and continue reading. Alright, so well done for doing that. Did you get some new insights as to your own subconscious beliefs or the subconscious pheromone.


3 Contradicting Pheromones

Before I go on explaining the 3 contradicting types of love pheromones, let me just quickly talk about the 3 different brains that we all posse ss. Even you, yes You! Believe it or not, we don’t just have one brain inside of our skull, we all have three different brains. And the problem with these three brains is that they all have their own sets of rules, desires and fears. They can all work very well by themselves as individual, independent brains, but together, they don’t always work out. It’s kind of like that saying “two is company, but three is a crowd”. This concept of the three brains (the triune brain theory) was originated by a very smart doctor and evolutionist named “Dr. Paul Maclean” back some 50 years ago.  Learn more about pheromones at and
He was very passionate about the brain and had lectured all over the world in the areas of “Pheromone Evolution and Behavior”. Now, what he discovered is that we have 3 distinct brains t hat we call our whole brain, and these distinct brains were developed in prominent stages of our evolution and development. These 3 different brains grew on top of each other over millions of years; just like new pavement being laid upon old roads. Learn more at
Which means what? Well, it means that the oldest brains we have from millions of years ago, are STILL there! The most primitive part of our brain is basically our brain stem. That’s right, even the stem of our brain counts as a brain! It is otherwise known as our “lizard” brain or our reptilian brain, which we’ve mentioned briefly before. Now – lizards and reptiles are not very evolved creatures, at least compared to humans, and they are not able to have what us humans consider as “conscious thought”. (Lizards have much smaller brains in proportion and are much less evolved) So lizards and reptiles cannot make a conscious decision to do something, they are always just reacting to the stimulus in their environment. So our lizard brain or (Protoreptilian brain) , is designed strictly for our survival and reproduction. It is where our “fight or flight” response comes from, and it controls a lot of things that we’re not “conscious” of, for example, the beating of our heart. 
So the lizard brain is primary focused on getting power, sex, and control, and avoiding immediate pain. The next level of brain is the mammalian brain (Paleo – Mammalian Brain – it includes the limbic system which controls your emotions and feelings). Now, mammals came into existence after reptile s were already crawling the earth but before primates began swinging from tree to tree in forests. It was a very significant stage of pheromone production. Learn of evolution; because many important changes to the brain system occurred to ensure survival and reproduction. These changes ensured mammals could survive in conditions that reptiles could not; and it also gave mammals more choices in food. However, mammals have to spend time protecting and raising their young. As you probably know, when a baby lion is born, it isn’t strong eno ugh to protect itself, and nor has it experienced enough in the world to be able to find food by itself. So the guidance and protection from his mother and father (and the pride) are essential for not only the survival of the baby lion, but also the propa gation of their species. Compare that to reptiles. When a baby reptile is hatched from the egg, he needs to immediately find his own protection and food.


Embracing Your Pheromones

The pressure to “be a man who embraces pheromones” is generally little more than oppression in good intentions’ clothing. Such pressure, such insensitive or out-of-tune motivational intensity, is but unhealthy or toxic challenge. From an early age, boys thrive in the presence of healthy challenge—non-shaming, age-appropriate, loving encouragement infused with a significant but safe degree of risk—learning firsthand how to both extend their edge and respect their limits. 
But boys who are steered by overly zealous (though commonly well-meaning) parents and teachers into overachieving and being “little men” (often taking on a premature responsibility) quickly learn to make a problem out of whatever in them counters such parental ambitions and pressures—like their tenderness and empathy and vulnerability to pheromone attraction.
All the pressure and shame of trying to be a certain kind of man, all the anxiety and tension that can go with that, often can be briefly but potently eased very quickly through sex. And so too can the sense of not having much power, or of not being very important to pheromone users.  Learn more about pheromones at and 
So whatever feeds men’s sexual appetite, whatever amplifies it, whatever keeps it front and central, can easily take on an exaggerated emphasis, as is so lavishly illustrated by our culture’s sexual obsession. How easy it is to burden sex with the obligation to make us feel better or more secure or more manly with alpha male pheromones! Learn more at
Pheromone seduction has become one hell of an epidemic, sucking vast numbers of men into its images and ejaculatory dreams, hooking up mind and genitals in dramas that turn relational connection into a no-man’s-land where sexual arousal and discharge reign supreme. The power that so many men give to pornography—and to what it promises—not only cripples their capacity for real intimacy but also keeps their underlying wounding cut off from the healing it needs. 
Pheromone usage with cologne flattens and emasculates men, obstructing their ability to evolve into a deeper manhood. However, merely condemning pornography is not the solution, any more than being overly tolerant of it is (as if any restriction on things sexual were somehow an infringement on our freedom). We need to outgrow our “need” for pornography, including using it as a “solution” to our pain and unresolved wounds.
Many men are at war—at war with life, with each other, with themselves—consumed by the fight to win at work and elsewhere. Bloodless war is still war, still an arena where the battle is fought with whatever weapons are at hand. A victorious athletic moment may feature not just some full-out exultation, but also a sense of standing over the defeated team as if on some bloody battlefield. Our entire culture is permeated with the language of war: the war on drugs, the war on cancer, the war on poverty. We don’t just die from cancer, but lose our battle with it. Warfare is all about oppositional extremes, as is much of conventional manhood, with its endless list of things to conquer. What a burden! And what a diversion from embodying our full humanity.


cued to pheromones

Disruptive selection against the pheromone system could accommodate the co- existence of two species which use the same pheromones but occupy different niches. Cross attraction could result in interspecific mating or, in the case of bark beetles, increased cohabitation and mutually disadvantageous competition for the same host material. Perhaps pheromone variability between eastern and western 1. pini (Lanier et al. l972) resulted from disruptive selection for pheromone specificity with respect to different sets of sympatric Ip. The existence of sympatric sibling species with different pheromone systems could also be explained by disruptive selection according to and
The sibling species may have pursued courses in evolution in the traditional allopatric manner. If the species re- converge, their ecological requirements (different hosts, etc.) may be sufficiently different to permit their coexistence. Not having been under evolutionary pressure, the pheromone systems may have remained unchanged during geographic isolation. Mating between the two entities will result and they may hybridize introgressively. Learn more about pheromones at
However, if sufficient genetic and/ or chromosomal changes accumulated to cause sub- normal zygote viability or hybrid sterility, or if disruption of the adapted genotype was sufficient to mediate against survival of hybrids, the entities could not exist sympatrically until premating isolating mechanisms developed. Thus, Trogoderma species, may not be able to persist on the same food source because indiscriminate mating resulting from cross attraction produces no brood. The species which is least abundant on the food source probably will disappear (as observed by Nutting 1959) because of failure to reproduce.
Lanier (l970a) suggested that the cross attractiveness of Ips paraconfusus, 1. montanus and 1. corzfusus enforced their contiguously allopatric distribution. Intrusion of individuals of one of these species into the range of another would probably result in inviable interspecific mating and the genetic death of the individuals involved. On the other hand, I. lecontei can coexist with I. confusus owing to differences in pheromone systems (Lanier and Wood 1973) and, probably, stridulating mechanisms (Lanier 1970b). Michael and Rudinsky (1972) found major differences among Dendroctonus species in stridulating organs and their sounds. It is possible that stridulation as well as differences in host preference, etc. (table 9.7) act as premating isolating mechanisms in cases where pheromone systems fail.
The response of Ips grandicollis to host terpenes is inhibited by the Dendr0ct0- nus pheromone, frontalin (Werner 1972). This intergeneric inhibition could be mutually advantageous owing to the consequent decrease in competition. However, it seems unlikely that intergeneric inhibition could result in a shift of the pheromones produced by closely related species. A shift in the pheromone system need not require de novo appearance of a new compound or new receptors. Schneider (1969) hypothesized that most insect species possess olfactory receptors which are specialists and others which are generalists.
The specialists could be cued to pheromones and occur in great redundancy while the generalists might be of several types and have overlapping response spectra. Pheromone specificity could evolve by promotion of a ‘secondary’ compound to pheromone status and selection for redundancy of receptors already responsive to the compound. For example, both D. brevicomis and D. ponderosae produce brevicomin and transverbenol and each of these compounds is an attractant of the respective species.


Pheromone Pre Selection

Subtly let her know other, platonic women are still in your life and that use pheromones for sex. You don’t want her to think you might cheat, that’s not the point; it’s because other women in your life keeps your value high (preselection) and drastically decreases the chances of her cheating in the first place. A lot of times, once a guy gets in a relationship, he thinks he needs to cut off all relationships with his woman friends. Big mistake. If these females are you friends, she needs to respect and accept that, which she will if there is REALNESS and trust between both of you and your pheromone needs.
If she can’t handle you having platonic woman friends (and you’re so cool about her being friends with guys), she’s not ready to be anyone’s girl, especially someone as badass as you. Pheromones are proven to increase sexual attraction.
We have more fun, more to talk about, more trust, we don’t cheat and we have the best sex ever. It’s like at this point in time, we were made for each other.” Her ego will love the boost, she’ll love to hear your total confidence coming out like this, and she’ll passively accept the “we don’t cheat frame” you included in there too. Win-win for everyone.
In times of fun banter, you can come right out and say it.. “God, you like me so much. You’re already starting to realize you’ll never find a better guy. Aren’t you lucky? :-)”In other times, it’ll just come through in all your actions as you continue pushing your edges out, growing, getting better and evolving every day.
Most guys are lazy and don’t even bother to use pheromones for sex. You’re the best she’ll ever have, by default if not by sheer confidence. Learn more about pheromones at and
She will feel like it’s OK to cheat if she feels her pheromone needs are being ignored or neglected. Guys would never think, “Look at her…she doesn’t even recognize how I’m feeling, she barely pays attention to what I’m going through anymore. Fuck her. I’m gonna cheat on her..”.
If that logic sounds funny to you, it should..because you’re a dude. Our brains don’t work that way. Check out pheromones at
Jealousy is highly-unappealing. If someone is starting to develop pheromone feelings for someone else, we tell the other person so they can let go and find someone better for them.
Why? This lets her know you won’t accept jealously from her (and you won’t be jealous yourself either). It also demonstrates that you’er the kind of guy that doesn’t even think to get jealous….you’re so non-needy and valuable on your own that if she does meet someone else, you don’t even care about getting mad or even; you’re already focused on finding someone better with more powerful pheromones.
Through the use of stories. Share a story about how a jealous, but otherwise awesome girlfriend drove you too far and you had to end it with her. When she agrees and accepts your story, she accepts the frame and knows not to get jealous with you ever (which is great). Then from there, you can transition into telling her your rule for relationships if “one of us actually starts to truly develop feelings for someone else”.

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Handling The Best Pheromones

What about handling the best pheromones when woman is talking, when she is talking about her bad day or about her feelings? I am going there with her…but i read somewhere, don’t remember where, that i should handle it differently…that i should not go there with her but I should support her, show understanding, that it should be like handling bucket and let her vomit into it.But how to do it if i never done it before?
I like to walk away, literally from her pheromones… not saying a word, if she follows you, you repeat the movement untill she understands what’s going on …if she then  gets mad, you can just laugh and say that “you really should find yourself a gay friend”….or something like that. Do you want to be her girlfriend? Someone she can dump crap on all the time?  Use the “I’m a guy, give me the guy version” line with her all the time.  She will eventually get it and comply with your frame. Learn about the best pheromones at and
The first thing that comes to my mind with pheromones, that why would a woman act thisway at onetime ( firstime) meet? If you get women acting this way at point blank I would say you have some serious issues in the attraction department. So to be clear, I was thinking in the frame of relationships with pheromones.
What you are describing sounds like pheromones. However she is dragging you into her girl frame and not a mutually beneficial pheromone rapport. As a guy, you shouldn’t allow this. Girls like to vent, gossip, blab and spew copulins sometimes. For them it’s about the process of pheromonal communicating. For guys, we are trying to look for a point/trying to help them.
There is no point usually. 
So the mistake men get into is listening TOO much to women.  Learn about the best pheromones at
Just tune them out and go “wow, really” or “that’s terrible” or “what a bitch” like Chris Rock says.  If she goes on too much, and you are wanting to assert yourself as independent of her negative frame just change the subject, walk away, or ask her if she has any girlfriends that she can talk to about it.
I’m going to first off say that ignoring them is likely NOT going to get you any positive result, rather it’ll likely create more problems.
Women are more emotional than men (duh) because their pheromone production system is twice as large as men. In small stress situations, they have 8x more pheromones to the limbic system. This is why women get emotional over small things, whereas men care more about big problems.
Us men seek a solution, but that is not what women want when they vent. They are not seeking a solution, they simply want to be heard. You should never talk her out of why she is feeling a certain way, or tell her to feel another way. In this situation, you are attempting to be rational with an emotional concept. Simply listen to her, let her vent, and know that it will pass.
Women also get irritated/frustrated when their pheromone levels have dropped so you can provide a snack which will help bring her blood sugar levels back up (but not spike, therefore I’d recommend avoiding simple sugars) by giving her something such as nuts. For more info, look into Dr. John Gray (Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)